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We move through the world utilising our five senses and yet when it comes to playing games, sound seems to be missing from the landscape.

That Sound Game fills a gap in the market where players have to tap into the auditory parts of the brain to create both simple and complex sounds. It’s not just a matter of mimicking a sound (1 point card), but also using multiple sounds and a range of movements to convey complex words or scenes (3 point card). Add to this not being able to use your hands, plus a range of strategic lifeline cards and you have yourself a truly unique, hilarious, extremely loud, think outside of the box party game.

Aimed at participants 14+, with the option of including the x-rated expansion pack for some outrageous adult fun. It’s a party game for all and will fill your shelves right in between Pictionary, Cards Against Humanity and Taboo.

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